Thursday, March 16, 2017

Star Systems Mar 3-4 Greenville, SC

Isabella Boiter- 1st Place Photogenic
Sarah Campbell - Elite, 7th overall
Bella Moreno - Platinum, 4th overall
Isabella Boiter - Elite
Elizabeth Cole Jazz - Elite, 7th overall
Lyndi Reid - Platinum, 2nd overall
Melissa Dawkins - Elite, 7th overall
Elizabeth Cole Lyrical - Elite
Campbell Tilley Contemporary - Elite
Camille Pepper Open - Platinum, 1st overall
Madison Willis - Elite, 5th overall
Morgan Johnson Open - Platinum, 5th overall
English Rabideaux - Elite, 10th overall
Ellis Jayne Summers - Elite, 9th overall
Hannah Dymond - Platinum, 3rd overall
Campbell Tilley Open - Elite, 8th overall
Tatum Sandlin Contemporary- Elite, 6th overall
Kylie Knepp- High Gold
Abreona Fields - High Gold
Ellie Donovan Contemporary - Elite, 9th overall
Grace Smith - Platinum, 3rd overall
Nyshá Morgan - Elite, 10th overall
Claudia Dean - Elite
Tatum Sandlin Musical Theater - Platinum, Runner-up Junior Miss Superstar
Camille Pepper Open - Platinum, Junior Miss Superstar
Ellie Donovan Musical Theater - High Gold, 4th place Teen Miss Superstar
Morgan Johnson Contemporary - Platinum, 2nd Place Teen Miss
Ryleigh Norton - Elite, 5th place Teen Miss Superstar
Carter Lewis - Elite, 2nd overall
Bristol Thompson - Elite, 4th overall
Josie Bruner - Elite, 5th overall
Kaylee Hughes - Elite, 1st overall
Adeline Summers - Elite, 6th overall
Addison McLees - Elite, 3rd overall
Lately - Platinum, 4th overall
Heaven Hop - Platinum, 1st overall
Divalicious - Elite
Amazing Grace - Elite, 2nd overall
Finding Neverland - Elite, 5th overall
Diva - Platinum, 2nd overall
Tuen To Stone - High Gold, 3rd overall
Weight in Gold - Platinum, 3rd overall
Thistle & Weeds - High Gold
Nobody Knows - High Gold
Rolling Stone- Platinum, 1st overall
All We Know - Elite, 2nd overall
The Chain - Platinum, 2nd overall
I Love London - Elite, 1st overall, 12&under choreography award
Rockstar - Elite, 2nd overall, Choreography Award
Boyfriend- Elite, 3rd overall
Werk- Platinum
Rapunzel - Platinum, 2nd overall
Boyz - Platinum, 5th overall
Bounce - Platinum, 4th overall
Janet - Elite
Last Beat of My Heart - Platinum, 3rd overall
Illuminate - Platinum, 1st overall
If You Wait- Platinum, 1st overall, Judges Choice Award, Ultimate Achievement Award
When We Were Young - Platinum, 1st overall
Vacation - Elite, 5th overall
Friend Like Me - Elite, 1st overall
Mein Heir - Elite, 4th overall
Jet Set - Platinum, 3rd overall
Black Mud - Elite, 5th overall
Lionheart - Platinum, 1st overall
Magnetized - Platinum, 1st overall, Ultimate Achievement Award
Moolah - Platinum, 1st overall
Surprise - Elite, 3rd overall
Under the Seaz - Platinum, 2nd overall

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