Thursday, March 16, 2017

Star Systems Mar 3-4 Greenville, SC

Isabella Boiter- 1st Place Photogenic
Sarah Campbell - Elite, 7th overall
Bella Moreno - Platinum, 4th overall
Isabella Boiter - Elite
Elizabeth Cole Jazz - Elite, 7th overall
Lyndi Reid - Platinum, 2nd overall
Melissa Dawkins - Elite, 7th overall
Elizabeth Cole Lyrical - Elite
Campbell Tilley Contemporary - Elite
Camille Pepper Open - Platinum, 1st overall
Madison Willis - Elite, 5th overall
Morgan Johnson Open - Platinum, 5th overall
English Rabideaux - Elite, 10th overall
Ellis Jayne Summers - Elite, 9th overall
Hannah Dymond - Platinum, 3rd overall
Campbell Tilley Open - Elite, 8th overall
Tatum Sandlin Contemporary- Elite, 6th overall
Kylie Knepp- High Gold
Abreona Fields - High Gold
Ellie Donovan Contemporary - Elite, 9th overall
Grace Smith - Platinum, 3rd overall
Nyshá Morgan - Elite, 10th overall
Claudia Dean - Elite
Tatum Sandlin Musical Theater - Platinum, Runner-up Junior Miss Superstar
Camille Pepper Open - Platinum, Junior Miss Superstar
Ellie Donovan Musical Theater - High Gold, 4th place Teen Miss Superstar
Morgan Johnson Contemporary - Platinum, 2nd Place Teen Miss
Ryleigh Norton - Elite, 5th place Teen Miss Superstar
Carter Lewis - Elite, 2nd overall
Bristol Thompson - Elite, 4th overall
Josie Bruner - Elite, 5th overall
Kaylee Hughes - Elite, 1st overall
Adeline Summers - Elite, 6th overall
Addison McLees - Elite, 3rd overall
Lately - Platinum, 4th overall
Heaven Hop - Platinum, 1st overall
Divalicious - Elite
Amazing Grace - Elite, 2nd overall
Finding Neverland - Elite, 5th overall
Diva - Platinum, 2nd overall
Tuen To Stone - High Gold, 3rd overall
Weight in Gold - Platinum, 3rd overall
Thistle & Weeds - High Gold
Nobody Knows - High Gold
Rolling Stone- Platinum, 1st overall
All We Know - Elite, 2nd overall
The Chain - Platinum, 2nd overall
I Love London - Elite, 1st overall, 12&under choreography award
Rockstar - Elite, 2nd overall, Choreography Award
Boyfriend- Elite, 3rd overall
Werk- Platinum
Rapunzel - Platinum, 2nd overall
Boyz - Platinum, 5th overall
Bounce - Platinum, 4th overall
Janet - Elite
Last Beat of My Heart - Platinum, 3rd overall
Illuminate - Platinum, 1st overall
If You Wait- Platinum, 1st overall, Judges Choice Award, Ultimate Achievement Award
When We Were Young - Platinum, 1st overall
Vacation - Elite, 5th overall
Friend Like Me - Elite, 1st overall
Mein Heir - Elite, 4th overall
Jet Set - Platinum, 3rd overall
Black Mud - Elite, 5th overall
Lionheart - Platinum, 1st overall
Magnetized - Platinum, 1st overall, Ultimate Achievement Award
Moolah - Platinum, 1st overall
Surprise - Elite, 3rd overall
Under the Seaz - Platinum, 2nd overall

KAR Feb 17-19 Spartanburg, SC

Carter Lewis - Elite Top First, 2nd overall
Bristol Thompson - Elite Top First, 7th overall
Kaylee Hughes - Elite Top First, 3rd overall
Addison McLees - Elite Top First, 1st overall, Miss Petite Dance
Adeline Summers - Top First, 9th overall
Heaven Hop - Elite Top First, 1st overall
Diva - Top First
Kylie Knepp - Elite Top First, 9th overall
Morgan Johnson Contemporary - Elite Top First, 5th overall, KAR Kid, 4th runner up Miss Teen Dance
Grace Smith - Elite Top First, 2nd overall
Elizabeth Cole Jazz - Top First
Lyndi Reid - Top First
Ryleigh Norton - Top First
Elizabeth Cole Lyrical - First
Ellie Donovan Musical Theater - Top First
Ella Myers - Top First, 12th overall , photogenic winner
Abreona Fields - First
Ellie Donovan Contemporary - Top First
Isabella Boiter - First
Morgan Johnson Open - Top First
Lately - Elite Top First, 2nd overall
Thistle & Weeds - Top First
Rolling Stone - Elite Top First, 1st overall, KAR Kids
All We Know - Elite Top First, 4th overall
Campbell Tilley Open - Top First, KAR kid
Hannah Dymond - Elite Top First, 4th overall
Ellis Jayne Summers - Elite Top First
Campbell Tilley Contemp - Top First
Amazing Grace - Top First, 7th overall, KAR kids
Turn To Stone - Top First
Divalicious - Elite Top First, 4th overall
Finding Neverland - Elite Top First, 5th overall
English Rabideaux - Top First
Madison Willis - Elite Top First, 2nd overall
Nobody Knows - Top First, 9th overall
Rapunzel - Elite Top First, 1st overall
Rockstar - Elite Top First, 2nd overall, KAR kids
Werk - Elite Top First, 3rd overall
Black Mud - Elite Top First, judges award, 5th overall
Surprise - Elite Top First, 2nd overall, KAR kids
Sarah Campbell - Top First, KAR kid
The Chain - Elite Top First, 4th overall, KAR kids
Melissa Dawkins - Top First, 7th overall, KAR kid
Tatum Sandlin Contemporary - Top First, KAR kid
Camille Pepper Contemporary - Elite Top First,1st overall, Miss Junior Dance
Camille Pepper Open- Elite Top First
Tatum Sandlin Musical Theater - Top First, 4th overall, 3rd runner up Miss Junior Dance
Weight in Gold - Elite Top First, 1st overall
Under the Seaz - Elite Top First, 3rd overall
Moolah - Elite Top First, 1st overall
Boyfriend - Elite Top First, 1st overall, Most Entertaining
Illuminate - Elite Top First, 2nd overall
Vacation - Top First, KAR kids
Lionheart - Elite Top First, 1st overall, People's Choice Award
Jet Set - Elite Top First, 3rd overall
Mein Heir - Elite Top First, 2nd overall
Magnetized - Elite Top First, 1st overall
I love London - Elite Top First, 3rd overall
Friend Like Me - Elite Top First, Judges Award, 1st overall
Bounce - Top First
Janet - Top First
Last Beat of My Heart - Elite Top First, Most Entertaining, 1st overall, KAR kids
If You Wait - Elite Top First, 1st overall
Boyz -Elite Top First, 4th overall
When We Were Young - Elite Top First, 2nd overall
Claudia Dean - Top First
Nyshá Morgan - Elite Top First, 1st overall

Overall Primary Studio
Overall Intermediate Studio

West Coast Dance Explosion 
Feb 10-12 Greenville, SC 

Carter Lewis - 4 stars, judges award
Addison McLees - 5 stars, 1st overall, judges award
Bella Moreno - 5 stars, judges award
Camille Pepper - 5 stars , 4th overall
Tatum Sandlin- 5 stars
The Chain - 5 stars
Ryleigh Norton - 5 stars
Grace Smith - 5 stars, 4th overall
Morgan Johnson - 5 stars
Ellie Donovan - 5 stars, judges award
Sarah Campbell- 5 stars, judges award
Rockstar - 5 stars, judges award, 2nd overall
Boyfriend - 5 stars
Illuminate - 5 stars, best technique award, 1st overall
I Love London - 5 stars
Friend Like Me- 5 stars
Lately - 5 stars
Weight in Gold - 5 stars, 2nd overall
Rolling stone - 5 stars, 3rd overall
Work - 5 stars, judges award
Rapunzel - Superstar award, 2nd overall
If You Wait - Superstar award, 1st overall
Black Mud- 5 stars
Lionheart - 5 stars, judges award, 2nd overall
Surprise - 5 stars
Mein heir - 5 stars
Bounce - 5 stars
Boys - 5 stars
When We Were Young - 5 stars, 2nd overall
The Last Beat of My Heart - 5 stars, judges award
Janet - 5 stars
Moolah - Superstar award, judges award, 1st overall
Jet set - 5 stars
Magnetized - 5 stars
All We Know - 5 stars, 2nd overall

Year long Scholarships
Emma Deyton
Ken'Trayshionna Tyler
Ryleigh Norton
Carson Leigh Barbary

Runner up Elite Dancer Scholarships
Morgan Johnson
Caitlyn pepper
Elite Dancers
Nick Moreno
Kaylee Hughes
Madison Willis
Camille Pepper
Ian Downs
Téa Hayes

Broadway Dance Center Scholarship
Sarah Campbell