Friday, February 24, 2012

Kids Artistic Revue; February 24-26 2012

Kids Artistic Revue
Spartanburg, SC

February 24 - 26, 2012

Ali Edmond - "Small Enough" - Elite Top 1st; 1st Overall Intermediate Solo 9-11

Ali Edmond - "Hide & Seek" - Elite Top 1st; KAR Kid

Caroline Donovan - "Jet Set" - Elite Top 1st; 4th Overall Intermediate Solo 12-14; KAR Kid

Ali Edmond - "Spanish Rose" - Elite Top 1st

Bella Powell - "I Will Be Free" - Elite Top 1st; 3rd Overall Intermediate Solo 12-14

Ali Edmond - "HyperBallad" - Elite Top 1st

Caroline Donovan - "Blessings" - Elite Top 1st

Karmen Ibarra - "Time Flies" - Elite Top 1st; 2nd Overall Intermediate Solo 12-14

Karmen Ibarra - "No Light No Light" - Elite Top 1st

Sarah Campbell - "Brand New Day" - Top 1st

Olivia Hopkins - "Express" - 1st

Haley Eldridge - "Skinny Love" - Top 1st

Mylissa Shely - "I Can't Make You Love Me" - Elite Top 1st; 6th Overall Intermediate Solo 15 & up

Zoey Hamby - "Flip Fantasia" - Top 1st

Kaelyn Bayne - "Change Is The Constant" - Elite Top 1st; 7th Overall Elite Solo 15 & up

Cole Allender - "Unravel" - Elite Top 1st; 6th Overall Elite Solo 15 & up

Kaelyn Bayne - "Lights" - Elite Top 1st; KAR Kid

Caitlyn Pepper - "Raise The Roof" - Top 1st; 3rd Overall Secondary Solo 8 & under

Camille Pepper- "Show Off" - Top 1st; 1st Overall Primary Solo 8 & under

Abreona Fields - "Hound Dog" - Top 1st

Ella Rollins - "Stuff Like That There" - Top 1st; 3rd Overall Primary Solo 8 & under

Ellie Donovan - "Blessed - Top 1st

Emily Lang - "I Want To Be Loved By You" - Top 1st

Ellie Donovan - "Cooties" - Top 1st; 6th Overall Primary Solo 8 & under

Kathryn Deyton - "Bushel & A Peck" - Top 1st

Abby Walsh - "Over The Rainbow" - Top 1st

Kierstin Smith - "New Girl In Town" - 1st

"Wild Horses" - Top 1st; 3rd Overall Primary Duo/Trio 8 & under

"Never Let Me Go" - Elite Top 1st; 1st Overall Intermediate Duo/Trio 9-11; KAR Kid

"In The Theatre" - Elite Top 1st; 3rd Overall Intermediate Duo/Trio 12-14; KAR Kid

"From The Ground Up" - Elite Top 1st; 1st Overall Intermediate Duo/Trio 15 & up

Sunday, February 19, 2012

West Coast Dance Explosion

WCDE in Greenville -

Wild Horses Trio - 4 Stars, 1st Mini Lyrical Trio, Best Technique
In The Theatre - 5 Stars, 1st Teen Tap Trio
From The Ground Up - Super Star Award, 1st Senior Contemporary Trio, Best Artistry

Dino Starz - 4 Stars
And So I Bid Farewell - 5 Stars, 1st Senior Large Group Contemporary, Full Out Award
Love Will Find A Way - 5 Stars, 1st Senior Large Group Lyrical
Sister Sister - 5 Stars, 1st Mini Large Group Musical Theatre
To Know You're Not Alone - 5 Stars, 1st Overall Junior Small Group, Best Technique
December - 5 Stars, 2nd Teen Contemporary Large Group
Wonderland - 5 Stars, 1st Teen Open Small Group
The Haunted Mansion - Super Star Award, 1st Overall Teen Line, Entertainment Award of the Night,

Scholarship Finalists:

Minis -
Abbey Walsh
Caitlyn Pepper
Emily Lang
Camille Pepper
Kathryn Deyton
Abreona Fields

Juniors -
Zoey Hamby
Sydney Maness
Ali Edmond
Nyshae Morgan

Teens -
Taylor Wright
Haley Eldridge
Karmen Ibarra
Caitlin Drummond
Jakevis Thomason
Olivia Hopkins

Seniors -
Sasha Allen
Kiondra Palmer
Brooklyn Conrad
Kaelyn Bayne

Scholarship Winners:

Mini Winners:
Starz Scholarship - Elle Walsh
Single Convention Scholarship - Abreona Fields
Elite Mini Dancer - Camille Pepper

Junior Winners:
Single Convention Scholarship - Zoey Hamby
Yearlong Convention Scholarship - Hannah Miller

Teen Winners:
Single Convention Scholarship - Haley Eldridge
Yearlong Convention Scholarship - Olivia Hopkins
Elite Teen Dancer - Jakevis Thomason

Senior Winners:
Single Convention Scholarship - Brooklyn Conrad
Elite Senior Dancer - Kaelyn Bayne

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Capital City Clogging Classic

2nd Place Elem Choreographed Solo- Haleigh Williams

3rd Place Junior Choreographed Solo- Sarah Campbell

Congratulations Girlz!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

WCDE Reston, Va

Results from WCDE in Reston, VA:

February 3-5, 2012

"Never Let Me Go" - 5 STARS, 1st OVerall Junior Duo/Trio

"If I Could" - 5 Stars, 1st Mini Lyrical Small Group

"Le Jazz Hot" - 5 Stars, 2nd Teen Musical Theatre Large Group

"My Old Year's Resolution" - Super STAR Award, 4 points away from a PERFECT SCORE; 1st Overall Senior Small Group

Reston, VA WCDE Scholarship Finalists:

Minis - Ellie Donovan, Caitlyn Pepper, Abbey Walsh

Juniors - Bella Powell, Sydney Maness, Ali Edmond, Zoey Hamby, Nyshae Morgan

Teens - Olivia Hopkins, Taylor Wright, Karmen Ibarra

Seniors - Cole Allender, Sasha Allen, Kaelyn Bayne, Brooklyn Conrad, Mylissa Shely, Kiondra Palmer

Mini Elite Dancer- Ellie Donovan

Junior Year Long Scholarship - Sydney Maness

Junior Elite Dancer - Ali Edmond

Teen - Los Angeles's Edge Performing Arts Scholarship - Taylor Wright

Teen Year Long Scholarship - Karmen Ibarra

Senior Single Convention Scholarship - Cole Allender

Senior - Los Angeles's Edge Performing Arts Scholarship - Sasha Allen