Saturday, June 4, 2011

BMC Summer Showdown

Team Spirit Award - Entire STARZ Family
Team Dad Spirit - Joey Cheek
Team Mom Limbo Contest - L'Tonya Hopkins (with her purse on her shoulder the entire time) and runner up Tammy Cain

Rise and Shine Contemporary Solos
10-11 Female 1st place Haleigh Williams
16-19 Female 3rd place Lyndsey Cain
12-13 Male 1st place Jakevis Thomason

1st place Elementary Line - Dazzlers (Work)
5th place Elementary Line - Dynamites (Big Pink Group)
4th place Junior Line - Diamonds (Janet mix aka Sherry's dance)

2nd place Elementary Line Form - Dazzlers (Jump)
3rd place Elementary Line Form - Darlings (Jr Intenze aka Rock Your Body)
2nd place Junior Line Form - Diamonds (Move)
3rd place Junior Line Form -  Intenze (Telephone)

2nd place PeeWee Exhibition - Dolls (Wonder Woman)
3rd place Elementary Exhibition - Dynamites (Fireburning)

1st place 10-11 Choreograph Solos - Haleigh Williams
1st place 12-13 Choreograph Solos - Sarah Campbell
Overall Grand Champion Choreograph Solos - Sarah Campbell