Friday, March 15, 2013


"Hater" - Ali Edmond - Platinum
"Hour Glass" - Ali Edmond - Platinum; 5th Overall Teen Solo; 2nd Runner Up Miss Teen Primetime
"I Will Be Free" - Bella Powell - Platinum
"On Your Shore" - Hannah Miller - Platinum
"Dirty Paws" - Sydney Maness; Platinum
"Landfill" - Bella Powell - Platinum
"A Little Less Conversation" - Sarah Campbell - Platinum
"Titanium" - Zoey Hamby - Elite 1st
"Smother" - Taylor Wright - Platinum
"Legit" - Taylor Wright - Platinum
"Promises" - Olivia Hopkins - Platinum
"Stupid" - Kiondra Palmer - Platinum
"The Chain" - Kiondra Palmer - Platinum
"Fools" - Brooklyn Conrad - Platinum
"Part Of Your World" - Jaden McAlister - Platinum; 6th Overall Petite Cutting Edge Solo; Costume Winner
"I'm Cute" - Lydia Lang - Platinum; 3rd Overall Petite Cutting Edge Solo; 2nd Costume Winner; Petite Miss Primetime
"Hey Daddy" - Elle Walsh - Elite 1st
"Glamorous" - Michaela Bowman - Elite 1st
"Journey To The Past" - Ella Pierce - 1st
"I'm Available" - Tatum Sandlin - Platinum
"Super CUTE" - Platinum; 5th Overall Petite Duo/Trio
"Year Of The Starz" - Platinum; 4th Overall Production
"Dr. Jones" - Platinum; 1st Overall Cutting Edge Petite Small Group; FINALS PERFORMANCE
"Crush" - Platinum; 3rd Overall Petite Small Group; FINALS PERFORMANCE
"Once Upon A December" - Platinum; 4th Overall Petite Small Group
"Party Off The Pounds" - Platinum; 3rd Overall Teen Large Group
"Hurt" - Platinum; 2nd Overall Teen Large Group
"Rowboats" - Platinum; 4th Overall Senior Large Group; Group Performance Award; FINALS PERFORMANCE
"I Wanna Dance" - 1st; 10th Overall Teen Small Group
"Need Your Heart" - Platinum; 3rd Overall Teen Small Group
"Savage Heart" - Platinum; 4th Overall Teen Small Group
"All I Want" - Platinum; 9th Overall Senior Small Group
"DJ Ease My Mind" - Double Platinum; 2nd Overall Teen Line; FINALS PERFORMANCE
"Youth" - Platinum; 5th Overall Teen Duo/Trio
"Vibeology" - Elite 1st; 8th Overall Teen Duo/Trio
"Grace" - Camille Pepper - Platinum; 2nd Runner Up Miss Petite Primetime
"Stuff Like That There" - Ella Myers - Platinum
"It's My Party" - Kathryn Deyton - Platinum
"Party People" - Abreona Fields - 1st
"Raise The Roof" - Caitlyn Pepper - 1st
"Show Off" - Camille Pepper - Platinum; 8th Overall Petite Solo
"Winter" - Ella Myers - Platinum
"RiverGod" - Ellie Donovan - Platinum; 2nd Costume
"Popular" - Emily Lang - 1st
"Spectrum" - Caitlyn Pepper - Platinum
"Forever Young" - Ellie Donovan - Platinum
"Turn Me Loose" - Abby Walsh - Platinum
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" - Abby Walsh - 1st
"Winter Song" - Kierstin Smith - Platinum
"Diamonds" - Kierstin Smith - Platinum
"Secrets" - Nysha' Morgan - 1st
"Up Up and Away" - Taylor Hancock - 1st
"Wild Horses" - Platinum; 7th Overall Junior Duo/Trio
"Glam" - 1st; 9th Overall Junior Duo/Trio
"Camille, Collette, Fifi" - Platinum; 4th Overall Petite Duo/Trio
"Move" - Platinum; 8th Overall Junior Duo/Trio
"Haunted Mansion" - Platinum; 3rd Overall Production
"Ay Caramba" - Platinum; 3rd Overall Junior Large Group
"Thistled Spring" -Platinum; 4th Overall Junior Small Group; FINALS PERFORMANCE
"Angel By Your Side" - Platinum; 4th Overall Junior Large Group
"What Remains Of Us" - Platinum; 8th Overall Senior Small Group
"Magic School Bus" - Platinum; 1st Overall Petite Line
"Sacrifice" - Platinum; 5th Overall Senior Small Group
"Deadman" - Karmen Ibarra -  Platinum
"Explosions" - Karmen Ibarra - Platinum
"Spare Change" - Haley Eldridge - Platinum
"Unravel" - Cole Allender - Platinum
"If It Kills Me" - Kelby McCoy - Platinum; 2nd Runner Up Mr. Primetime
"Lost At Sea" - Cole Allender - Platinum
"Never Think" - Platinum
"Are We There Yet" - Platinum