Saturday, September 6, 2014

NC Mountain State Fair

Wings- 1st Place Elementary Line
All Night- 1st Place Junior Line
Country Girlz- 2nd Place PeeWee Traditional Line
East Bound and Down- 3rd Place Junior Traditional Line
Boogie Grass Band- 3rd Place Adult Traditional Line
Wanna Be Starting Somethin'- 1st Place PeeWee Exhibition
Shake It Up- 1st Place Elementary Exhibition
Don’t Stop Believing- 1st Place Junior Exhibition
Play- 3rd Place Exhibition
Candy Pop- 1st Place Props Exhibition
Gold- 2nd Place Line Formation
Live It Up- 1st Place Line Formation
Tear Drops- 1st Place Line Formation
All Right- 1st Place Line Formation
Wizard of STARZ- 1st Place Show

Traditional Duo/Duet
Brandi & Katie - 3rd Romeo Place

Rise and Shine
Jakevis Thomason - 1st Place
Maxwell Smith - 1st Place Traditional
Bella Moreno - 3rd Place Contemporary
Sarah Campbell - 1st Place Contemporary
Madison Willis - Place Traditional
Tatum Sandlin - Place Traditional
Delia Parker - 1st Place Contemporary
Lily Melton - 3rd Place Traditional / 2nd Place Contemporary
Ryleigh Norton - 3rd Place Traditional

Show Duo/Duet
Haleigh Williams & Sarah Campbell - 1st Place and Overall Show Duet/Duo

Short Duo/Duet
Bella Moreno & Delia Parker - 3rd Place

Choreographed Solos
Kelsey Carman - 1st Place
Bella Moreno - Place
Ryleigh Norton - 2nd Place
Tatum Sandlin - 2nd Place
Haleigh Williams - 3rd Place