Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hickory Hoedown!

2nd Place Junior Line Form - Move
2nd Place Junior Exhibition- On the Floor
1st Place Senior Small Team Exhibition- Judas
1st Place Junior Line - Janet Mix
3rd Place Elem Traditional Line- Country Girlz
1st Place Adult Traditional Line- One More Chance
2nd Place Junior Choreographed Solo- Sarah Campbell

Way to Go Starz!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

World Dance Championships

Blake and I just wanted to give you all a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for this weekend!!! This makes us even more excited for this years competition season!
The kids did and AMAZING job and we couldn't be anymore proud of them.
Here is a run down of all the things we won.
1st Place Jr Line "Janet"
Grand Champion Jr Line "Janet"
1st Place Elementary Line "Jump"
1st Place Elementary Line Formation "Work"
2nd Place Pee Wee Exhibition "Wonder Woman"
2nd Place Jr Line Formation "Telephone"
Jakevis Thomason 2nd Place Male Soloist
Sarah Campbell 2nd Place Female Soloist
Sarah Campbell was also selected to be on the "All American Clogging Team"
This was a really GREAT showing for our 1st year at the World Clogging Championships!!
They definitely know who STARZ ASTISTIC CLOGGERS are now!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

NC Mountain State Fair

Telephone --- 1st Place Line Formation
Janet Mix --- 2nd Place Line
Sarah Campbell --- 1st Place and Over-All Choreographed Solo
Haleigh Williams --- 3rd Place Choreographed Solo
Sarah Campbell --- 2nd Place Rise and Shine
Lyndsey Cain --- 2nd Place Rise and Shine

Saturday, June 4, 2011

BMC Summer Showdown

Team Spirit Award - Entire STARZ Family
Team Dad Spirit - Joey Cheek
Team Mom Limbo Contest - L'Tonya Hopkins (with her purse on her shoulder the entire time) and runner up Tammy Cain

Rise and Shine Contemporary Solos
10-11 Female 1st place Haleigh Williams
16-19 Female 3rd place Lyndsey Cain
12-13 Male 1st place Jakevis Thomason

1st place Elementary Line - Dazzlers (Work)
5th place Elementary Line - Dynamites (Big Pink Group)
4th place Junior Line - Diamonds (Janet mix aka Sherry's dance)

2nd place Elementary Line Form - Dazzlers (Jump)
3rd place Elementary Line Form - Darlings (Jr Intenze aka Rock Your Body)
2nd place Junior Line Form - Diamonds (Move)
3rd place Junior Line Form -  Intenze (Telephone)

2nd place PeeWee Exhibition - Dolls (Wonder Woman)
3rd place Elementary Exhibition - Dynamites (Fireburning)

1st place 10-11 Choreograph Solos - Haleigh Williams
1st place 12-13 Choreograph Solos - Sarah Campbell
Overall Grand Champion Choreograph Solos - Sarah Campbell

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Capital City Clogging Classic

Starz Artistic Dazzlers-
   1st Place Elementary Line Overall - Out of 10 groups!
Starz Artistic Dolls-
   3rd Place Exhibition Team
Starz Artistic Diamonds-
   2nd Place Line
Starz Artistic Divas-
   2nd Place Line Formation
   1st Place Exhibition Team
Brittany Williams-
   3rd Place Acapella Solo
Sarah Campbell-
Callback out of 41 girls performing her "Rise and Shine" solo!

West Coast Dance Explosion

Scholarship finalist
Abreona Fields
Kendaija Witt
Kathryn Deyton
Caitlyn Pepper
Abby Walsh
Caroline Donovan
Sarah Campbell
Ali Edmond
Jakevis Thompson
Courtney Lee
Khendra Witt
Kelby McCoy
Savannah Kelly
Kylie Whelan
Dayne Davis
Ryan Kirby
Olivia Hopkins
Sasha Allen
Lauren McNichols
Leighanne Bagwell
Tori Autry
Ty Rodgers
Mylisa Shely
Junior Elite Mr.
Jakevis Thompson

Junior Elite Miss
Ali Edmond

Teen Elite Mr.
Kelby McCoy

Senior Elite Mr.
Ryan Kirby

Senior Elite Miss
Lauren McNichols

Millennium Dance Complex Scholarship
Olivia Hopkins
Sasha Allen

Single Convention scholarship
Abby Walsh
Savannah Kelly
Kylie Whelan

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hollywood Connection

Dayne Davis- Runner Up Icon
                    Laker Girl Audition
                    Bill Bohl Agency Award

Brittany Jansen- Runner Up Icon
                    Laker Girl Audition
                    Bill Bohl Agency Award

Ryan Kirby- Senior Icon
                    Bill Bohl Agency Award

Ryan Kirby and Brittany Jansen- High Gold (duo)
                    1st Overall Senior Duo/Trio

Chad McCall- Choreography Award