Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hickory Hoedown

Choreographed Solo
Haleigh Williams 1st Place Elementary
Darby Alvaranga 3rd Place Elementary
Caitlin Drummond 1st Place Senior
Sarah Campbell 1st Place Junior and Overall Choreographed Solo

Rise and Shine Solos
Tatum Sandlin 2nd Place Ages 6-7
Sarah Campbell 2nd Place Ages 14-15
Kelby McCoy 2nd Place Ages 16-18

Groups Dances
Wanna Be - 1st Place
Move - 3rd Place
Public Affair - 1st Place (This was their first competition)
Judas - 1st and Overall
Happy Ending - 1st Place and Overall
Work - 2nd Place
Blow - 2nd Place
One More Chance - 3rd Place
Fable - 1st Place Overall
Grand Champion Junior Team of the day