Friday, January 17, 2014

Adrenaline Convention

Ladies Room - High Gold; 5th Overall
Dancing - High Gold; 2nd Overall
The Drought - High Gold; 1st Overall; Junior Best of Show
XOXO - High Gold; 4th Overall
River Deep - High Gold; 2nd Overall
Blood On The Leaves - Platinum; 1st Overall
District Sleeps Alone - High Gold; 2nd Overall
Sirens - High Gold; 4th Overall
Money - High Gold; 1st Overall
Medicine - Platinum; 2nd Overall
Never Goodbye - Platinum; 1st Overall; Senior/Teen Best of Show WINNER; Highest Score of Competition
Waiting - Platinum; 4th Overall
Baby's Romance - Platinum; 3rd Overall
Freakum - High Gold; 3rd Overall
Banji - High Gold; 2nd Overall
Broken Crown - Platinum; 1st Overall
Son Of A Gun - High Gold; 3rd Overall
Around Us - Platinum; 2nd Overall


Adrenaline Crew Scholarships -
Cole Allender
Ali Edmond
Karmen Ibarra
Kelby McCoy
Bella Powell
Jakevis Thomason

Junkie Crew Scholarships -
Camille Pepper
Ian Downs
Tatum Sandlin
Kathryn Deyton
Ellie Donovan
Lyndi Reid
Grace Smith
Brooklynn Conrad
Haley Eldridge
Olivia Hopkins
Landon Monroe

Single Convention Scholarships-
Lydia Lang
Campbell Tilley
Bree Forrester
Parris Hester
Bella Moreno
Caitlyn Pepper
Caroline Hobgood

Studio Scholarship -
Judith Kate Ward

Congrats to our Jazz Company!!!